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Area Amenities

Flint Hills National Residences—hidden in dense woodland and marked by grand estates, one-of-a-kind patio homes and neighboring Flint Hills National Golf Club—isn’t easily defined. The common sound bites of homeowners, realtors and builder partners help the curious. Best of both worlds. A world apart. Close to everything—medical, best public and private schools, shopping, dining, entertainment. Quick access to the turnpike, east/west Kellogg and K96 highway system. An easy jump across Kellogg to surface streets.

The exclamations from guests of Flint Hills National Residences homeowners elevate this community’s status. Like nothing else in Kansas. Colorado in Kansas. Exclusive. Aspirational. An everyday retreat. An exceptional experience.

Whether it’s a peek through the gates of Flint Hills National Residences on a Sunday drive or a turn through the photos on these pages, we want you to be ridiculously curious. We invite your call.